GI AI Data Analytics

For both Inbound and Outbound Services, GI's Artificial Intelligence-based solutions provide better cost-effective, results-driven Customer Contact Management solutions. GI was able to enhance customer service issue resolutions by 60% by utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). GI's Audit BOT has helped companies discover fraud and collusion, save money, and enhance systems and processes in areas including allocation, sales and procurement.

Some among our solutions include below

Voice bot

Chat bot

Audit bot

Brand and Repuation Management

AI Based Data Analytics

Multimodal Integrated tool


To meet lottery or sports betting needs, GI has a cloud-based solutions . Our GILS platform is hosted at its ISMS 27001-certified data centre with disaster recovery.This allows the operator to deploy his network virtually immediately, assuring a seamless and rapid Go Live.

GI also has a staff of dedicated engineers who will give support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing the operator to focus solely on his sales while keeping other IT costs to a minimal.


ITech Labs has validated GI Drawstar as a Digital Draw System-Random Number Generator (RNG) software package that uses modern cryptographic hardware and software methods to generate unpredictable winning numbers.The system reads the result to you with a variety of speech selections. This Draw Star lottery programme is fully configurable for any lottery game you require. The advantages of this cutting-edge automated lottery draw technology, includes:

Any back-end system may be incorporated

Systems with Remote Administration

Tamper evident

Anti Failure

Anti Fraud