GI's solutions are proven, robust and innovative. GI's unique system has the capability to integrate Lottery, Sports and Virtual Games on a single platform enabling the operator to provide all services across multiple sales channels.

GI's Solution is being offered to customers having tens of thousands of terminals to a few hundred terminals and can plug into any existing system, thus facilitating faster roll-out and Go Live.

GI also offers its customers an advantage of hosting the entire solution from its Cloud based Services thereby reducing the capex cost for the customers.


GI offers a sports betting solution to its customers on a Pre-match and Live match basis integrating with various odds service providers globally. GI is also an official partner of Bet Radar and offers their odds and feed to customers who intend to provide Sports betting. GI can offer End to End solutions for multiple channels like POS, Handhelds, Websites, Mobile Devices and can also integrate the sports betting platform into the existing Lottery Platform.


GI offers comprehensive scratch lottery management solution for operators involved in the scratch lottery and physical paper lottery operations. GI's solution have the following modules:

  • Ticket Generation
  • Logistics and Inventory
  • Single Ticket Tracking
  • Ticket Validation
  • Distribution and Sales
  • Mobiles and Tabs Sales POS
  • 360° Reporting Module

Scratch Ticket Sales Tracking system is a sales tracking system that can be used to manage the inventory of any scratch card-based product and the sales can be tracked by scanning the barcode. An Instant alert is sent when the ticket stock inventory is low at any particular point of sale. All Prize winning scratch tickets can be validated through the system.


GI gave a facelift to paper lottery business by taking paper lottery stocks online through its automated system. Tickets are printed at the POS terminal based on numbers generated in the central system enabling the paper lotteries to have an online facelift.

  • Sophisticated Gaming Transaction Engine
  • Secured communication channel
  • Transparent Accounting and Easy Reporting
  • No unsold ticket reporting

Gaming Services – any paper-based number games and raffle schemes can be converted to E-Paper lottery with automatic software updates direct to the Terminals from Server


GI Virtual Sports and Gaming System consists of a bouquet of virtual games / sports that can be offered to customers ranging from interesting interactive instant win games, slots, roulettes, et al.GI has the capability to offer customized graphics/design for the games and to produce content for its customers based on local market inputs.

Games that are offered in GI Virtual Gaming System are:

  • Virtual Dog Race
  • Virtual Soccer
  • Virtual Horse Race
  • Virtual Reality Interactive Instant Win Games
  • Interactive Instant Win Games and Casino Games


GI's PEP system is dedicated to complete each client's interaction experience. Thus, via continual simplifying, the retention, monetization, and commitment KPIs are transformed. It also capitalizes on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, etc., and ensures high social presence that ultimately culminates in improved brand awareness and increased transactions on the operator's website.

Rich in-game data collected in the stage allows you to categorise gamers in modern ways and create successful multi-channel informing systems. Additionally, GI can provide, on demand, a dedicated Digital Media Strategist and ensure periodic news updates and promotion of games. Performance tracking and monitoring of customer engagement services are also available to aid the operator in engaging with players.

GI Track Player – Loyalty Card

GI's Track player is a card/app which works on plastic, virtual and mobile formats for all lotteries developed and delivered by GI or any other central system, to track player usage patterns. It can be used for purchases/redemptions of value-added services and bill payments and also double up as a prepaid-cum-loyalty card. In addition, it offers an option for the operator to connect with players via social media..


GI offers robust, state of any terminals at various price points to suit the customer's requirement. Our latest innovation is to use mobile phones as sales and distribution devices. An entire range of GI's terminals and solutions can handle commercial transactions in parallel to the lottery transactions without the need for having to invest in separate infrastructure altogether again.